Experts in Security, IT, Risk and Privacy  
Committed to strengthen the customer's business

About us

It is our passion to enable other companies to concentrate themselves on their core business, so they can operate and serve their customer as optimal as possible.

We do this by delivering services for business activities in such a way that companies do not have to worry about those activities anymore. A carefree service delivery for our customers, nevertheless when decisions has to be taken that influence our customer's business we will consult the customer about the choice's and the consequences. The customer has to decide which choice has the least business impact.

We are an Eco-system of enthusiast ICT-professionals with a variety of expertise in the field of ICT-management, ICT-security management, ICT architects, Privacy Specialist, Auditors and Management of Change.  

In our services and consultancy, the professionals make use of best practices delivered via ISACA, ISF, NOREA and branch-institutes like for instance Kennisnet.