Experts in Security, IT, Risk and Privacy  
Committed to strengthen the customer's business

Why working together with SIT bc? 

SITbc  combines business opportunities, business goals and business risks with information security, Privacy/GDPR, IT Architecture (technology-part), Business process (re-) design (processes) and awareness (people). This holistic approach in combination with the knowledge that SITbc has in those disciplines, does make that IT management, IT security and privacy are embedded in the governance and strategy of the company.

 Enabling the business

In the current business world you are forced to be compliant against several regulations, which diverts you from you core activities 


if used well could enable you in being more attractive for a customer than your competitor  

Core Business

Given you the possibility to focus on your competitive differentiating processes, your core business the heart of your company.


Our business consultancy focus is on creating carefree solutions which enable your business 

The business  consultancy itself is executed as much as possible carefree, Nevertheless stakeholders need to decide themselves what's next, base on simple explanation of the options.  

Using our knowledge, best practices and organizational empathy and social skills, we support companies in defining themselves their business goals, objectives and business risks, if not available. We use these goals, objectives and risks, for analyzing companies on aspects/topics/areas as Business and IT alignment, governance, IT(-security)-management, IT (security) architecture and/or Privacy for the dimensions; people (awareness and behavior), processes and/or technology. Based on the analysis/assessment combined with our knowledge, experience and best practices we have the power to realize measurable improvements in the nerves of your company. Improvements can and will be done in all areas and for all dimensions after approval of the responsible decision-maker(s).

Beside consultancy we provide support-services based on “a pay for what you use”-concept for all governance, management and operational activities in the mentioned aspects/areas covering all dimensions, so you just can focus and work on your core business!